Artist Page-Claire Loder


Claire Loders heads are full of ideas, a union of 21st century anxieties, wordplay, the influence of outsider art and the communication of the interior world. Her sculptures are a combination of intuitive construction, amorphous tactility and off-kilter form. These stony faces are lighter than they appear, the hollow interiors a repository for thoughts, feelings and emotions of both the subject and the viewer. Through the titles of her pieces, Loder's rudimentary forms become a vehicle for her personal concerns and interests including the natural world, the obscured face, melancholy, innuendo, humour, the process of ageing, feminism and the search for quiet.

Loder has an MA in Ceramics. She was a recipient of the Craft Council's Next Move Award and is a Professional member of the CPA. She lectures in ceramics and, in 2013, had her first book published by Bloomsbury The New Ceramics: Sculpting and handbuilding.



twitter: @claireloder

instagram: claireloderheads